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General Things Press is a slow-to-start and in its own time Press dedicated to crafting lines of connection where previously there were none. Beginning from previous publishing efforts by the editor Evan Fusco, it has facilitated a radio show, a reading series, a substack, and a press. Its first publication came out in 2021 and its next will be coming out this summer: Arc of Whirr by Isa Martinez. It is with hope that momentum is something to come that it continues. If you’d like to be a part of, assist with, support in any way the press reach out to: generalthingspress@gmail.com.

If you’d like to submit your work to be considered for publication you can find more info here!

Also seeking people to interview to bring back General Conversations, if this sounds like you, then please reach out to email above! (Chicago specific for now)

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GTP007: Scores for Weaving - Grace Papineau-Couture, Summer 2024
GTP006: yet to be titled - Lemmy Ya’akova, Summer 2024
GTP005:  The Sarcoma Cycle (An Indexed Dramaturgy) - Jessie McCarty, June 2024
GTP004: A Secret Third Thing (Choreography of a Practice) - Evan Fusco, May 2024
GTP003: Arc of WhirrIsa Martinez, May 2024
GTP002: A series of non-poetic octaves in a monochromatic key written in the beginnings of Saturn’s return thought toward as sculpturally linguistic paintings in 29 parts - Evan Fusco, March 2023
GTP001: Pathologies of the Margin; a study in dissipation - Evan Fusco, May 2021