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Arc of Whirr

Isa Martinez

︎ ten poems in sequence over the liquid quality of memory and consciousness. on memories of the emotive, the constant assemblage of self, language between its common use and it’s state as evocative sound. drawn out by the compulsion to consume, synthesize, and document; while moving on the tension between privacy and account. 

︎ Isa Martinez is a full stack software engineer based in Los Angeles with a BFA in studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

She completed General Assembly’s Software Engineering Immersive in the spring of 2020, and has two years of experience at a local digital agency developing large scale, high traffic eCommerce applications. She’s worked with companies like Ettitude, SoWell, Lulu and Georgia, and on a contract team for Area 120: Google’s in house incubator.

︎ Printed on a Riso SF 5130 U in black, blue, and sunflower
4 3/4” x 5 1/2”
Saddle Stitch
French Paper’s Manilla Yellow Kraft Text
22 pg

This book can be purchased by emailing me directly at generalthingspress@gmail.com.