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Evan Fusco, generally speaking, does a lot of different things. Writer, thinker, publisher, teacher, maker, performer, host, and curator. They work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they graduated at one point in time. They are a union member of AICWU, run General Things Press, and host General Readings. Pieces of theirs have been published, performed, contained, or shown in and/or at: Other Forms, MOCA Cleveland, Apparatus Projects, The Chicago Art Book Fair, Plates Journal, Carrol University, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection. Currently they are structuring the beginning roster of General Things Press, working on a manuscript on "autistic thingliness”, and are working towards producing physically again in the sense of sculpture while structuring new lecture performances in preparation for the manuscript.  

photo: Leah Wendzinski

Inquiries about the small press GENERAL THINGS and its events can be directed to: generalthingspress@gmail.com

All other inquiries use the contact form or email Evan directly at: evanfusxo@gmail.com