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Evan Fusco is a thinker and maker based in Chicago, IL. Their work is concerned with investigating alternative epistemologies and what they hold for the possibility for different ways of being. Graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 with an MFA, they currently teach their in the Contemporary Practices department and are a member of AICWU. Past writing has been published in Other Forms’ Counter Signals publication, Plates Journal, Caitlin McCann’s In a Car On a Road Going to a Place, and their book Pathologies of the Margin; a study in dissipation was self-published in 2021. Work of their’s has been shown and been presented at MOCA Cleveland, Apparatus Projects, The Chicago Art Book Fair, Cybertwee Headquarters, and Carroll University. Their publications are in the collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Joan Flash Artist Book Collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently they are working towards the production of various practices operating under the name GENERAL THINGS. This includes their small press by the same name putting out books by Eric Tyler Benick, Dove ER*, Isa Martinez, and Joel Gitskin in 2023, a radio show called GENERAL CONVERSATIONS as a part of Chicago based micro label Beloved’s new project Beloved Radio, and a bimonthly reading event called GENERAL READINGS.
Inquiries about the small press GENERAL THINGS and its events can be directed to: generalthingspress@gmail.com

All other inquiries use the contact form or emailEvan directly at: evanfusxo@gmail.com