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︎     a guide, a statement, a thought:

Timothy Morton: …to be a thing at all is to have been hurt. Harry Dodge’s paraphrase: …to be a thing is to have been wounded. My paraphrase of a paraphrase: to be a thing at all is to be with and to exhaust. To state a verbose practice is to fail it and never allow it to exhaust. I think often of Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s conception of study, and in the practice consider its relational implications. Performances built towards productive failures and exigencies of the moment. A kind of autistic thingliness as I have begun to describe it. Disunification of a self following Aria Dean’s understandings of Robert Morris as a kind of fool, kind of dandy. Gregg Bordowitz stating that, “Nothing is as it appears to be and everything is significant.” A montage of a statement to hold space for the lecture-performances, plays, sculptures, essays, no longer here and yet to come in the practice. Thinking towards what constitutes a real, and how to grasp its process in works that prioritize collapse, sabotage, obtuseness in order to exist within what Jane Bennett would call thing-power in order to find what Erin Manning would call minor gestures.