︎       a thought:

I am invested in relational study, that is, the tenuous knowledges that arise in the contact between things, ideas, concepts, people guide my thought. Finding its roots within writing my practice pulls out these relations in order to conceptualize in what ways points both of contact and transmission produce anxieties of/in/around meaning. By considering Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s concept of study as a social practice in mutual debt, I position (my)self in relation to other(s) (artists and thinkers) (as well as placing them in generative juxtaposition.) Objects and/as ideas commingle with (my)self and the viewer with/in intimacies to craft conversation spaces. It is as much miasma as it is viral as it is what me and Dove ER* would consider organ donation. Pathological writing as a way to think through and with other means of (anxious) im/possibilities.

It is in this way that past work has taken various hybrid forms including: object/words in a theoretical sent(i)ence; conversational study sessions; performance lectures as (neuro)divergent communication; lyrical essays on the topics of health justice, subjection, care, queerness, sleep, cars, madness, etc.; books as readerly art objects; literary reading nights concerned with intimate conversation; and a small press invested in excavating alternate thinking.

The anxieties of social contact permeate the works, and are attempts to be both in the world, and to understand the world as something fraught in the ways theories of knowledge and being structure who is and is not (allowed to be) a part of it.