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I am interested in things, generally speaking. What does it mean to sit down in study with them, or do nothing at all, as Simone Forti and Robert Morris did when they arrived in New York in the early 60’s. Considering study as a social practice as elucidated by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney, alternatives to traditional making through pedagogy, writing, thinking, conversation, and recreation consider how we make meaning and knowledge together in and as and through things. Things as objects, events, ideas, artworks, etc. etc. etc. What does it mean to not know, and how do we come to know? Gregg Bordowitz says that “Nothing is as it appears to be and everything is significant.” How do we use this to guide where we look and what we think we might know? Considering what it means to fail, to be pathological, to be out of sync with a normal sociality, the works participate in the world while simultaneously creating their own. I step in and move around as necessary.

Various forms of the work are as follows: object/words in a theoretically sentient sentence; conversational study sessions as radio show; performance lectures as (neuro)divergent communication; lyrical essays on the topics of things, health justice, subjection, care, queerness, sleep, cars, madness, etc.; books as readerly art objects; literary reading nights concerned with intimately questioning conversation; and a small press invested in excavating alternate thinking.