︎ My artistic practice is my pedagogy and my pedagogy is my artistic practice. Since the Spring 2021 I have been teaching and subbing on and off for classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Due to the precarity of my positions within this institution I have chosen to create this page in order to share my assignments and syllabi far and wide. I do this to create a conversation around who has access to the material I craft for my students, as well as what it means to openly share my pedagogical work. It is important that I share these things as widely as possible to both my own personal pedagogy, but also to my work as an artist. It is my hope to create a homebase for study and exploration of the artistic possibilities of all who wish to set down in it. This will continue to be updated as I am able.

Research Studio I Syllabus Fall 2022
A course designed for freshman to help them in the articulation of their artistic practices. This is a revamped version of my syllabus from last semester. It includes an updated note on disability and illness in the classroom as well as a diversity statement and community guidelines.  

Research Studio I Syllabus Spring 2022
A course designed for freshman to help them in the articulation of their artistic practices. This is my second syllabi that I’ve created and while it contains a lot of boilerplate language, it includes an updated version of my critique policy, my first extended note on disability and illness in the classroom, as well as some small descriptions of the four assignments I’ve crafted for this class.

Performing (with) the Idea(s); talking is dancing is reading is writing is thinking
An assignment geared towards asking students to think more creatively and expansively about what it means to incorporate research and external ideas into their work. In what ways do performance and the lecture and their amalgamation in the lecture-performance push the ways in which we think about art’s possibilities? Created for Contemporary Practices CORE Studio class Spring 2022 and Research I. 

Performing (with) the Object(s); sculpture as movement
This assignment considers the points of contact between the performer and the object-performers as fruitful spaces for inquiry and encourages students to think through their relationships to objects in general. Heavily indebted to the work and pedagogy of Gordon Hall, this assignment is a foray into sculptural performance as a way to engage questions of identity, labor, intimacy, care, and more. Created for Contemporary Practices CORE Studio class Spring 2022. 

A Performance Lecture in 9 parts on (a history of) Performance
This performance lecture was created in conjunction with the Performing (with) the Idea(s) assignment. Its goal is to both provide a conrete, in person, example of what a performance lecture could be, as well as give students an alternate view of the history of 20th century art. Not meant to be comprehensive in any way and entirely unrigorous in its approach towards a thorough combing of this alternative history, the performance lecture rather focuses on a framework in which Performance Studies and the Black Radical Tradition can be used as lenses by which a student could discover their own genealogy of art for their practice.