Evan Fusco / General Antagonism




Evan Fusco is a producer of texts. Currently, their work circles around ways in which meaning is produced through participatory acts of reading and interpretation. They have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Expanded Media from the Cleveland Institute of Art and a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They teach at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Printmedia and Contemporary Practices department. They recently published Pathologies of the Margin; a study in dissipation and have a forthcoming essay in Other Form’s Counter-Signals 4: Identity is the Crisis. And their small press GENERAL ANTAGONISM is currently accepting book length submissions to be published in 2022.

GENERAL ANTAGONISM is a small press, a reading series, and a substack. Working within the presumption that alternative modalities can be sought out in the otherwise and otherhow that come from artistic practice GA looks for these moments in the literary and theoretical; the fantastical and mundane. In its three-pronged approach of book publishing, spoken word, and the free distribution of ideas, GA seeks in the local what often gets left out in the grand. Through conversation, questioning, failure, and process we seek not a perfection, but an antagonism which will lead us towards something which we do not yet know we need.


My practice is one of crafting texts to be read, whether that be sculpturally, writerly, performatively, etc. is based upon the form it needs to take, and the access I have to the world around me. Dwelling in the space of what Fred Moten and Stefano Harney would call study, a concerted effort towards an indebted sociality, in which voices are allowed to commingle and converse. To think art as conversation, as propaganda, as imagined space of an otherhow, is to position my work against absolute success, and for something which has yet to come. It is in this way that past work has taken many a form including: object-sentences which think towards physical contingencies; conversational study sessions; essayistic lecture performances; poetic essays about health justice, subjection, care, the nonbinary, sleep, cars, etc.; edited publications that think they are galleries; books which operate as art objects to be read; literary reading nights that put curiosity and conversation above all; and a small press which attempts to enable thoughts towards alternative epistemologies. This practice is a dedication to the misuse of meaning, codetermined conversation, and social study. I oppose desire for concrete meaning, and search for tangents, rhizomes, inconsistencies, openings, and mismanagements. In the pursuit of study, I work towards a distribution of information that crafts potential, camaraderie, and even friendship.