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︎ four by two 

is a “gallery” in the spirit of Chicago’s prolific apartment gallery scene where any and every space that can be retrofitted to show artworks will be in order to create opportunities within the communities we find ourselves in. Often utilizing prompts or limitations Four By Two will be no different.

We are seeking works which can fit within a designated 2x4 ft horizontal rectangle located on the red wall on Cafe Mustache’s bar side. Priority will be given to new works created specifically for the space and which respond directly to the spatial constraints both formally and conceptually. Consider how this work will blend in or stand out. Is it a single work which fits perfectly in the 2x4 ft or a series of works that live together within it? Is your work 2 dimensional or a wall hanging three dimensional work? Will it evolve in the month that it is installed or hold steadfast in its simplicity? What you can propose is only limited by the physical realities of the space and gravity. Submissions are currently rolling with a hopeful debut mid-late June. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

If accepted a small gallery opening will be hosted within the bar with a featured drink as well as a snack platter provided by the phenomenal Kerry Couch. Along with this you can choose to sell your work or not but Four By Two will not be involved in the sale and all money you make will be yours. Install will occur assisted by Evan Fusco (curator).

︎ submission guidelines

Submissions should include the following:
1. Artist statement/bio/cv: If you do not have one or any of these things send what you are able.
2. Artist website/work samples: This is simply to see what kind of work you have made in the past to get a sense of what your work you propose will look like. 
3. Proposal for the space: This should be a written proposal between 300-500 words that includes what the work will look like, how its engaging the “space” of the gallery, and how the work operates within your larger practice (or doesn’t, as in its a productive departure). Along with this it is encouraged, but not required, that sketches and/or mockups are sent, and specific works should be highlighted from your work samples if helpful towards understanding the work. 

Submissions should be sent with the Subject Line: four by two submission to generalthingspress@gmail.com .