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We Each Go Through So Many Bodies In Each Other: anidentification and how to become not binary

︎ A consideration of what it means to be non-binary through the act of writing—a reexamination of cultural transcriptions onto the body—as opposed through the usual avenues of an indentificatory politics that sees a kind of visibility as that which constructs and reinforces a positive identity. Here, anidentification, obfuscation, an opacity (following the work of Èdouard Glissant), and a removal of easy viewing by design become the hallmarks of what it could mean to become not binary, as opposed to an increasingly easy to package non-binary identity creating what amounts to a tertiary as opposed to a binary. To think again, and deeply, about the implications of the title which is a quote from Deleuze and Guattari, “We each go through so many bodies in each other.”

This piece can be found in Other Forms’ Counter Signals #4 Identity is the Crisis, Can’t You See? and can be purchased at Inga Books, Good Press in the UK, as well as at Other Forms website, which includes an expanded description of the book as a whole.