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GENERAL THINGS is a practice of a different kind of listening; listening out for and as the/a riotous production of difference. GENERAL THINGS is invested in writing about the ways in which information and knowledge are formed within the contemporary landscape. GENERAL THINGS is engaged in the kinds of knowing that we get when we set down in a kind of social study which sees possibility within the means by which engage with each other.

The name of GT is taken in certain ways from the work of Fred Moten and Stefano Harney and is indebted to the work that they do.

GT seeks out different ways of saying things. Alternative structures of syntax, grammar, meaning can be teased out in writing that isn’t necessarily easy, but could only said to be hard because we’re writing new ways of thinking the thought into being.

GENERAL THINGS has various branches of its production that work in different ways. These are a small press, a radio show, a substack, and a reading night. 

Going by the same name the small press and the substack are engaged generally in the ways that writing takes form physically and digitally, and what power arises in the production of knowledge through its distribution. In what ways we can understand the real as being a byproduct of the production of knowledge.

The radio show is called GENERAL CONVERSATIONS. Big thoughts through talking, GENERAL CONVERSATIONS is a monthly radio show focused on discussing ideas as they come. With the goal of generating questions that we think we already have the answers to, a rotating cast of thinkers, artists, writers, and just general creatives of all kinds will join the host Evan Fusco in a one on one conversation interspersed with music and sounds fully embracing the audio format of the radio show. A kind of anti-advice column, the goal is to generate new thinking in the form of the dialogue. The show itself will be accompanied by digital zine transcripts that lay out the conversation along with descriptions of the music and sounds. It is currently on hiatus, but plans on coming back sometime in 2024 in a new way.

The reading night is called GENERAL READINGS. It is a reading event that brings together various writers, readers, artists, performers, and thinkers who engage the written form by presenting it live. In general, we will probe in conversation the things that arise when ink is put to air, and people come together to share their knowledge.