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Today is Sunday March 27 2022 (Oggi è venerdì ventisette marzo millenovecentosettanta) 1970/2022 [and it is my birthday]

︎ Extending the reverberations of Aligheiro E Boetti’s piece about time and identity through time and another body, I “recreate” the work by Boetti with caveats. The piece itself could never actually be recreated as it is the record of a specific point in time that cannot come again, but comes always again in its generality. The work itself syncs up with my own birthday, and I draw on the significance as a continue remark on the passage of time. The statement is no longer just about a singular date in time, but a date which marks for my own record of time another year passed. In its mirrored duplicity, the writing act pushes the limits of my ability to transcribe this detail neatly. In recreating the work and leaning on all of the coincidences that had to come about in order to enact it, I create a space of anxious temporal mapping, that will itself echo outward.