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Rohan Ayinde
Makenzie Beyer
Lily Cozzens
Xavier Danto
Syd L Davis
Laura De Sousa
Gabby Diekhoff
Patrick Durgin
Joseph Grigely
Mary Henjes
Thomas Huston

Leila Khoury
Marlo Koch
Lana Leonard & Cristal Baerga
Jessie McCarty
Jamie Nanni
David Stiefel
Oberon Waters
Anna White
Alex Zondervan

“To give a simple definition, I would say that an artist publisher is a meta artist whose practice is to publish both his work and the work of others. The dialogue  between books is a key element for any publisher in order to create meaning; but it is  even more important for the artist publisher to not only be a self-publisher, because artists who only publish themselves do not create a dialogue between authors, and  remain in a solitary studio practice. To create intertextuality, and the ‘phenomenon of  library’ that Foucault evokes, the artist publisher selects, edits, and organizes content in  order to publish it. But publishing isn’t only to print a publication or to distribute it; it is  ‘an essentially political act,’ as Matthew Stadler stated. To him, ‘publication is the  creation of a public,’ which means that an artist publisher doesn’t only have to print  artworks, but also to create the conditions for other people to see them as such.” - Portrait of the Artist as Publisher: Publishing as an Alternative Artistic Practice by  Antoine Lefebvre