Aporetic Ruptures: ... the power of the ellipsis and a misapprehension in five parts
Offset and Risograph printed Perfect-Bound Book
76 pages contains an essay which can be found here

Contemporary print books as we usually encounter them are  sequentially minded objects. When read in English we usually read from left to right  and from top to bottom. This can easily create a hierarchy of logic in how the book is  laid out. While it is not easy to break the structure I will ask of you, the reader, to take  this book as open. Its writing structure does not pretend to break out of a normally  structured text, but one can choose to read it out of order, jump around. I do not want  to prescribe the nature by which you do this, but the ellipsis and the sections are a good  starting point. Maybe look at just the pictures. The book oscillates between the  theoretical, the poetic, the seemingly esoteric, and the casual, I ask that you take what  you want and leave the rest.