collaborative performance with Grace [Dove] Rutter

“ i am excited by the prospect
of living without a body
i am ungrateful and this proves it ”
Mothers - Wealth Center / Risk Capital

TROUBLED & PRISMATIC : MOVEMENTS TOWARDS A[N] [UN]BECOMING (after and for Cassils) is a longform performance pulling cues from theatrical performance and clowning with 5 movement actions and 4 soliloquies. We, Dove (Grace) Rutter and Evan Fusco, embody twin jester personas, inspired by those seen in The Garden and Pagliacci. Through our durational engagement with each other’s bodies, we enact moments of contact, conversation, distance, and ignorance. We use exaggerated forms of bodily engagement to extend the moment of communication between our bodies, emphasizing a kind of durational space of this communication - something required for careful examination of an act. At various points in the performance, we transition and remove layers of clothes, and take on the other’s voice through prerecorded soliloquies, signaling a bridge between the two of us and complicating who we were at the beginning and end of the performance. The work will be performed multiple times over the span of our friendship, and during this time performance exercises and fitness regimes are employed [outside of the piece] to allow for constant physical growth in our ability to relate to one another. All of this serves as an active analysis of our relationship with our non-binary identities, the necessity to perform (gender, emotion, appearance, etc), and complicates our existences and emotions through twin, un/synchronized personas.